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Annual Dove Hunt — 150.00

Monday Sept 2nd 2019

We would like to take this time to invite you back to Rose Hill for our annual Dove hunt.  We are planning the day for you to come and enjoy our 210-acre property and we look forward to seeing you. This year we will only take the first 60 hunters on the first day. We will offer Saturday the 7th as a dove hunting day as well, however, we will only book Saturday once Monday hunt is full. Monday will be offered rain or shine.

Price this year for opening day, September 2nd is $150 per hunter. This will include warm-up clays, BBQ lunch served from an open pit with lots of sides and extras. Also includes delivered water/drinks/snacks from our staff while you hunt. On Saturday, Sept 7th 2019, we will also do a catered lunch for $125 per hunter with NO warm up clays starting at 5:30am.

Full non-refundable payment is required at the time of reservation due to the limited number of spots.

Things to think about, we at Rose Hill Game Preserve, DO NOT control the weather or migration of the birds. This is natural Dove hunting offered on our property there are no guarantees. We plant and manage our property for habitat of Chukars, Quails, and Pheasants. We seed Sorghum and sunflowers for the health and habitat of our birds.  Required by VDGIF, we are letting you hunt our property thus ALL state and local hunting rules and regulations are the responsibilities of the individual hunters. VA small game hunting license is required as well as HIP for migratory game birds. We do recommend Safety glasses and Hearing protection while you are shooting. Keep in mind that most of our pegs are in direct sunlight so sun protection is recommended. We also recommend high visibility head gear, as to let the other hunters know where you are located.

Monday’s Schedule:

7am Registration waiver sign at registration building.

7am we will open the practice clays for you to warm up they will close at 10am.

10am we will serve lunch until 11:15

11:15 sharp you will need to be in the parking area to draw a peg number and locate your drawn peg.

11:20 to 11:45 shuttle to marker pegs

Your bag limit is 15 per day, 45 in possession

Monday sunset time is 7:38pm        Saturday sunrise is 06:44am sunset is 7:32pm


Every hour our employees will circle with snacks and cold drinks. If you need something, call or text the office at 540-827-7484 and we will do our best to accommodate you. Come prepared bring everything you need with you. We will use large wagons to disperse you to the pegs and should have adequate room for your equipment.

As always, we at Rose Hill do our best to provide you with a great experience, a fun, memorable day.

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