This package is designed especially for larger groups such as business entertainment events. It will be managed by a professional Hunt Master with his excellent retrievers, where strong flying pheasant are released from a 50 foot platform inside a pine grove at the center of the property. Shooters are rotated from their designated stations every 10 birds so that everyone will be positioned in different locations allowing for ample shooting by all. If you have never been to a Tower Shoot we can assure that it is very challenging even for the experienced shot gunner.

European Tower Shoots offer an exciting yet challenging experience for even the most seasoned hunters

A catered lunch and photo opportunity is then provided while your birds are cleaned and packaged. You and your friends can then enjoy the historical surroundings and scenic vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains for which Rose Hill and Culpeper County are famous.

Later a second afternoon hunt can be separately arranged at which time the many missed birds scattered throughout the natural grasses and hedge rows will be hunted with pointing dogs which will be as close to wild pheasant hunting  as you will find anywhere.