1. All firearms and ammunition will be inspected by hunting guide before the hunt. Hunter orange and eye and ear protection required.
  2. All firearms unloaded until in the field and only loaded when directed by the guide.
  3. If you have a malfunction or other problem with your firearm please inform the guide. They are there to help you. In those circumstances Rose Hill Game Preserve has a limited selection of firearms which you may use if necessary.
  4. The guides will designate the location of the shooters when a bird is pointed.
  5. Respect your fellow hunter’s shooting space and field of fire.
  6. If a bird flies low do not shoot as it risks injury to the dog. Plenty of birds will be provided for the party so pass up questionable shots. We will see to it that everyone has a reasonable chance to get his or her limit.
  7. Always keep firearm pointed up and away from other shooters.
  8. You may choose to shoulder an unloaded firearm for walking but be sure it doesn’t point backwards toward another hunter.
  9. No shooting of birds on the ground.
  10. Always try to know the location of the dog and always know the location of the guide and other shooters at all times.
  11. Parents are responsible for safety compliance of minors in their charge.
  12. Participants in unguided hunts are expected to comply with these safety guidelines but will assume full liability for themselves and their party.
  13. Watch for holes. Ditches and fence wire. Unload firearm when crossing a fence.
  14. Do not shoot beyond the designated boundaries toward roads and other properties.
  15. No alcohol allowed before or during the hunts.
  16. The guide or Manager of Rose Hill Shooting Preserve has the right to terminate the hunt at any time if he or she feels safety rules are not being followed or if a hunter behaves an unsportsmanlike fashion which compromises the enjoyment of others on the hunt. Fees in these circumstances are nonrefundable.
  17. Enjoy yourself and the company of your fellow hunters. Hunting and shooting sports is a right and valued tradition here in America. Let’s keep it that way.