Rose Hill Game Preserve offers a variety of hunting packages which can be tailored to your particular preferences. Bobwhite Quail, Chukar and Ring Neck Pheasant may be hunted in various combination.

Guided hunts include trained dogs and guides and can be for either half day or full day.  The game birds will be placed in natural ground cover at your designated hunting area.  Since safety is our utmost concern you will be given a thorough safety talk immediately before you are taken into the field.  A warm up at our clay target course is available and for the less experienced hunter it is a good way to get comfortable with your shotgun before going into the field.  You will then be taken to an area well away from other parties to enjoy a personal private hunt.  Your guide’s dogs will point, flush and retrieve each bird that you shoot.  Plenty of birds will be placed to assure that you will have an ample opportunity to shoot your limit.  Non guided hunts with your own personal dog are also provided at a separate rate. If you wish, we will have your game cleaned and packaged for transport home with you. We do suggest that you bring your own cooler and ice.