Rose Hill is an early 19th century federalist style frame house which sits with its original out buildings on approximately 210 acres of rolling Virginia Piedmont farmland.  It is located 7miles east of Culpeper near the base of Mt. Pony by the village of Stevensburg.  It sits immediately adjacent to historic Germanna highway (RT. 3) and the old Pennsylvania/Carolina road, now Batna road (RT. 663).  The property is owned by Dr. John Ashby Covington and his first cousin Donald C. Wells Jr., both direct descendents of Alfred Lomax Ashby, who purchased the property from Martin Nalle in 1853.

The once prosperous village of Stevensburg built around historic Zimmerman’s Tavern sits next to the old Pennsylvania/Carolina road which was once a main north/south thoroughfare in Colonial times.  There it crosses the Germana highway which is the approximate route taken by Colonial Governor Alexander Spotswood and his Knights of the Golden Horseshoe who first explored the route west across the Blue Ridge Mountains in 1716.  Several persons of note including Thomas Jefferson are known to have stayed in Stevensburg as a way station on their travels.

In the 1930s Mr. Will Walker’s general store was the principal business in Stevensburg.  It was there that Carl Covington held his first job.  Covington oral family history was enriched by Carl’s many recounted memories of Mr. Walker, his store, the clientele, and the local color of the time.