Rose Hill Game Preserve offers many types of shooting opportunities ranging from Upland Game Bird Hunts to European Tower Shoots.

Rose Hill Game Preserve offers a variety of hunting and shooting opportunities for sportsmen with all levels of experience.

Our two hundred acres has been developed as a diverse habitat for wildlife over many years. It is now entirely in a Historic Land Trust and a Conservation Reserve program which by special arrangement allows us to offer an authentic environment as close to wild upland shooting as can be found anywhere in Virginia. From open pine stands to wide mature hedge rows to expanses of native warm season grasses, hunters will find a challenging and rewarding experience.

We have strong flying Quail, Pheasant and Chukar which are pointed and retrieved by well trained dogs and handled by experienced guides. Rose Hill Game Preserve is an ideal place where parents and grandparents can introduce a junior hunter to the excitement of upland bird shooting. There is no better place to introduce them to America’s rich hunting heritage and to see and learn about the natural habitat so important to continuing these traditions.

Hunters may arrange to bring their personal dogs and enjoy the thrill of hunting with your own pet and companion. For hunters with limited endurance we can provide ATV transport to and from shooting areas. Our European Tower Shoots are an excellent opportunity for this sort of situation.

A morning hunt will begin with hot coffee and registration. If arranged prior to hunt some warm up on clay targets. After hunt photo opportunities and game cleaning is always available. Special arrangements can be made for groups who would like an after hunt luncheon catered and served.

The Covington/Ashby Family wishes to share with you the rich history of Rose Hill and their heritage of bird hunting going back almost two hundred years.

Rose Hill Game Preserve offers a variety of hunting packages which can be tailored to your particular preferences. Quail, Chukar and Ring Neck Pheasant may be hunted in various combination when multiple hunters are booked.

Guided hunts include guides with trained dogs and can be for either half day or full day. The game birds will be placed in natural ground cover in your designated hunting area. Since safety is our utmost concern you will be given a thorough safety talk immediately before you are taken into the field. A warm up at our clay target course is available with advanced notice when booking your hunt. For the less experienced hunter it is a good way to get comfortable with your shotgun before going into the field. You will then be taken to an area where your birds have been released to begin hunting. Non guided hunts with your own personal dog are also provided at a separate rate. If you wish, we will have your game cleaned and packaged for transport home with you. We do suggest that you bring your own cooler and ice.

This package is designed especially for larger groups such as business entertainment events. It will be managed by a professional Hunt Master with his excellent retrievers, where strong flying pheasant are released from a 50 foot platform inside a pine grove at the center of the property. Shooters are rotated from their designated stations every 10 birds so that everyone will be positioned in different locations allowing for ample shooting by all. If you have never been to a Tower Shoot we can assure that it is very challenging even for the experienced shot gunner.

A catered lunch and photo opportunity is then provided while your birds are cleaned and packaged. You and your friends can then enjoy the historical surroundings and scenic vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains for which Rose Hill and Culpeper County are famous.

Later a second afternoon hunt can be separately arranged at which time the many missed birds scattered throughout the natural grasses and hedge rows will be hunted with pointing dogs which will be as close to wild pheasant hunting as you will find anywhere.



Virginia Hunting license is required by law for all hunters and or participants.

Licenses are available online at:

Bird Hunts

Virginia Residents = resident hunting license

Non Residents = Non resident shooting preserve



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Safety Notice

Minors old enough to hold a VA Hunting license (min 12 years old) must present evidence that they have passed a Hunter Safety Course and minors under 16 must first shoot a round of clay targets (no charge) with the guide before being allowed to go in the field with a firearm.

In addition, we suggest that hunters who have not previously shot for a few years also shoot a few clay targets with their guide before going out in the field. This must be prearranged when you book your hunt. We will not open our range if others are in the fields.

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